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  • 1

    Modulating Air Inlet Dampers

    • Galvanised steel.
    • Opposed blade, air-tight design.
    • Located in the back of the upper “wet” section.
  • 2

    Recirculating Spray Pump

    • Close coupled, bronze fitted centrifugal pump.
    • Totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) motor.
    • Bleed line with metering valve installed from pump discharge to overflow.
  • 3

    * Prime Surface Coil (Not Shown)

    • Continuous serpentine, steel tubing.
    • Hot-dip galvanised after fabrication (HDGAF).
    • Sloped tubes for free drainage of fluid.
    • Designed for maximum 10 bar operating pressure according to PED.
  • 4

    Hinged Access Doors

    • Inward swinging door.
  • 5

    Combined Inlet Shield Technology

    • Corrosion resistant.
    • Easily removable.
    • UV resistant plastic material.
  • 6

    Cold Water Basin

    • Sloped water basin for easy cleaning.
    • Suction strainer with anti-vortex hood.
    • Adjustable Water make-up assembly with air inlet side.
    • Integral internal walkway as standard.
  • 7

    Water Distribution System

    • Visible and accessible during operation.
    • Overlapping spray patterns ensure proper water coverage.
    • Large orifice, non-clog nozzles.
  • 8

    Heavy Duty Construction

    • Z600 hot-dip galvanised steel panels.
  • 9

    Dry Finned Coil

    • Copper Tubing with high density aluminium fins.
    • Designed for max. 23 bar operating pressure according to PED.
    • Staggered “triangle” tubes coil arrangemen.
  • 10

    * BACross Wet Deck Surface with Integral Drift Eliminators (Not Shown)

    • Plastic material.
    • Impervious to rot, decay and biological attack.
    • Designed and manufactured by BAC.
  • 11

    * Controller (Not Shown)

    • Programmable controller with multiple set points for maximum operating savings.
    • For sequencing the operation of dampers, fans and spray pump.
  • 12

    * Low kW Axial Fan (Not Shown)

    • Quiet operation.
    • Corrosion resistant aluminum.
  • 13

    * Fan Drive System (Not Shown)

    • Premium quality belts.
    • Corrosion resistant sheaves.
    • Heavy-duty bearings.
    • Adapted fan motor for operation in saturated conditions.
  • 14

    *Actuators (Not Shown)

    • Two actuators for modulation of the dampers.
  • 15

    *Pressure Transmitter (Not Shown)

    • To be installed on site (in the condenser discharge piping).
  • 16

    *Interconnecting Pipework (Not Shown)

    • Piping to be done by installing refrigeration contractor.

Series 1500 HXC

Hybrid Wet/Dry

Key Features

  • Dual Coil Construction
  • Multiple Fan Construction
  • Full Internal Access

Key Benefits

  • No Plume
  • Reduced Water Consumption
  • Reduced footprint compared with other water saving products


Combined flow, Axial Fan, Induced Draft

Key Features

Dual Coil Construction

Dual coil construction allows for varying flow through each coil and the ability to use one coil or the other. This is useful for both efficiency during operation and down time during maintenance.

Multiple Fan Construction

Multiple fans provide redundancy as well as energy efficiency when working on VSD based controls.

Full Internal Access

Open internal area provided for ease of access to all components within the unit for maintenance.

Key Benefits

Plume Abatement

Through modifications to the coil arrangements and discharge design potential for plume from the unit is reduced significantly.

Reduced Water Consumption

Clever design and control strategies allow for significant reduction in water consumption compared with a conventional open system.

Up to 70% water saving

Patented intelligent flow control system. With a 3-way valve for precise setting of outlet fluid temperature and unrivalled annual water-saving. Load profile-adaptable to dry, adiabatic or combined wet-dry operation.

Principle of Operation

hxc closed dampers

The vapour (1) passes first through the dry finned coil (2) and then enters the prime surface coil (3), which is wetted by a spray system (4). When the dampers (5) are closed an axial fan (6) draws air over the prime surface coil in parallel with the water spray flow. The evaporation process condenses the vapour into liquid (7). The spray water falls onto a fill pack (8) where it is cooled before falling into the sloping water basin (9) or sump. The spray pump (10) recirculates the cooled water to the spray system. The warm saturated air (11) leaves the tower through the drift eliminators (12) over the dry finned coil where it picks up additional sensible heat.



hxc open dampers

If the ambient temperature is below the condensing temperature, the dampers will modulate open. The air flow increases and air distribution shifts, so that less air is drawn over the prime surface coil and fill pack. This enhances the sensible heat transfer and further reduces the water consumption.




Complete dry operation is possible when switching off the spray pump.


For any further information on this product range please feel free to contact us at the link below, or feel free to visit our International Resource Library.


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