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  • 1

    External Fan Motor

    • Majority of units manufactured with external fan motors providing ease of maintenance.
    • Belt drives provide reliability with long service life.
  • 2

    Drive Train

    • Easy access to drives and belts for inspection.
    • Heavy duty fan bearings and impellers.
  • 3

    Full Access Pannel

    • Large single piece access pannel can be removed to provide complete access to the internals of the unit.
  • 4


    • Smooth face air entry fan cylinders.
    • Close manufacturing tollerances provide consistant air flow and increased effiency.
  • 5

    Drift Eliminators

    • UV Resistant, non corosive material.
    • Three distinct changes in air direction to reduce drift loss significantly.
  • 6

    Water Distribution System

    • Low pressure, stationary type nozzels.
    • Heavy duty PVC spray branches grommeted to facilitate removal and cleaning.
  • 7

    High Efficiency Fill

    • High efficiency, cross-fluted sheets.
    • Blocks sized to assist with removal and maintenance.
  • 8

    Cold Water Basin

    • Basin constructed from Fibreglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP) for strength in critical areas.
    • Smooth internal finish to assist in cleaning and maintenance.
  • 9

    Make-Up Assembly

    • Adjustable water make up assembly, over flow and quick fill connections are supplied as standard.
  • 10


    • Flanged inlet and outlet connections.
    • Threaded make-up, overflow and quick-fill connections.


Open Circuit Cooling Towers

Key Features

  • Pultruded Fiberglass Construction
  • Full Size Access Panel
  • Highly Configurable Design

Key Benefits

  • Easy Access for Maintenance
  • Robust Construction
  • Low Height


Counter Flow, Axial Fan, Induced Draft

Key Features

Pultruded Fiberglass Construction

The use of high strength Pultruded Composite components for the primary structure combined with B.A.C.’s patented Bonded Panel to Post Connection offers many advantages over conventional hand laid or chopped strand fibreglass construction methods. Pultruded composites possess a superior strength to weight ratio of up to five times that of chopped strand fibreglass.


Full Size Access Panel

The large access panel is fitted with easily removable knobs. Removing the access panel does not require any tools or dismantling of the unit structure, providing unparalleled access to all of the internal components for inspection, cleaning and maintenance.


Highly Configurable Design

The product has been designed to be highly configurable to make installation easier. The ability to select motor and connection locations saves installation piping and wiring costs.

Key Benefits

Easy Access for Maintenance

Removal of the louvres, requiring no tools, provides access to all sides of the smooth faced cold water basin for inspection, cleaning and maintenance.


Robust Construction

High level build materials along with exceptional design standards assist in creating a highly reliable and consistent product.


Low Height

Reduced height design, allowing for placement in spaces where other product would become more visible.

Principle of Operation

RCT Principle of Operation

Warm process water (1) from the heat source enters thespray system (2) at the top of the cooling tower where it is distributed over the fill or heat transfer media (3). At the same time the axial fan (4), located at the top of the unit, draws the air from the sides of the unit (5) over the fill. Combined inlet shields (6) protect the tower from debris being drawn into the unit. While the warm process water contacts the cold air the latter heats up and part of the process water is evaporated which removes the heat from the remaining water. The sloping sump (7)or basin collects the cooled water after which it returns to the heat source of the process (8). The warm saturated air (9) first passes through the drift eliminators (10), which remove water droplets from the air, and then exits the tower at the top.




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