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  • 1

    Heavy-duty construction

    • Heavy-gauge stainless steel frame.
  • 2

    Low kW Axial Fan

    • Quiet operation.
    • Corrosion resistant aluminum.
  • 3

    Fan Drive System

    • Premium quality belts.
    • Corrosion resistant sheaves.
    • Heavy-duty bearings.
    • Adapted fan motor for operation in saturated conditions.
  • 4

    Water Distribution System

    • Low pump head gravity distribution basin.
    • Large orifice, non-clog nozzles.
    • Steel distribution covers.
  • 5

    BACross II Wet Deck Surface with Integral Drift Eliminators (Now Shown)

    • Plastic material.
    • Impervious to rot, decay and biological attack.
  • 6

    Combined Inlet Shields

    • Corrosion Resistant.
    • Easily removable.
    • UV resistant plastic material.
  • 7

    Cold Water Basin

    • Sloped cold water basin for easy cleaning.
    • Suction strainer with anti-vortex hood.
    • Adjustable water make-up assembly from inside the unit.
  • 8

    FRP Casing Panels

    • Corrosion resistant.
    • UV-resistant finish.
    • Maintenance free.

Series 3000

Open Circuit Cooling Towers

Key Features

  • Full Stainless Steel Construction
  • Internal Work Platform for Ease of Maintenance
  • Welded or Basinless Sump Design.

Key Benefits

  • Easy Access for Maintenance
  • Low Noise Design
  • Reduced Energy Consumption


Cross Flow, Axial Fan, Induced Draft

Key Features

Full Stainless Steel Construction

All unit models come standard in complete stainless steel for increased durability and product longevity.


Internal Work Platform for Ease of Maintenance

All models come standard with an internal work platform for ease of access to all components throughout the unit.


Welded or Basinless Sump Design.

Fully welded sump construction guarantees rigidity and prevents the potential for leaks that are possible with a conventional bolted sump.

Key Benefits

Easy Access for Maintenance

An FRP internal walkway and platform with handrails is available to provide a permanent working surface for easy access to the internal components, motor and drive assemblies.


Low Noise Design

Consideration taken for fan type, location and air flow requirements help to improve the noise output of these products.


Reduced Energy Consumption

High efficiency electrical equipment options as standard provide for a high level of energy efficiency per kW of heat rejected.

Principle of Operation

series 3000 principle of operation

Warm process
water (1) from the heat source enters thewater distribution system (2) at the top of the cooling tower on both sides where it is distributed over the fill or heat transfer media (3). At the same time the axial fan (4), located at the top of the unit, draws the air (5)from the sides of the unit over the fill. While the warm process water contacts the cold air the latter heats up and part of the process water is evaporated which removes the heat from the remaining water. The sloping sump (6)or basin collects the cooled water after which it returns to the heat source of the process (7). The warm saturated air (8) first passes through the drift eliminators (9), which remove water droplets from the air, and then exits the tower at the top.


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